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Naruto Park & The Whirlpools


 Naruto Park has a area of 3 square kilometers,inculding Naruto-yama hills,which can view the whole whirlpools. In the park,there are Senjojiki,0cha-en, Shichishudai, Naruto-yama viewing spot and etc.. This park was designated and protected by the Ministry of Education as a natural preservatory area in 193l and was incorporated into Setonaikai National Park in 1952. The park is famous for the beauty of its view and its magnificient whirlpools,which attracts many visitors each year. The width of the chamel between Tozaki and Magozaki is only 1,350 meters. In the channel between Setonaiai sear and kiisuido sea area,the tide difference is only 2 meters. But the tide runs furiously into the lower sea level to higher sea level,which makes the whirlpools so magnificient. Usually the tide comes in and out between 13 Km/h to 15km/h, but the spring and fall tide shoots up to 20 km/h. It is said that this tide difference is one of themost strongest in the world. When the low tide comes, it goes out from Setonaikai to Kiisuido, but at the high tide, it comes from the opposite direction. The largest whirlpools in this area is more than 20 meters wide. At the time of the low tide, the whirlpools appear in the Kiisuido sea area and at the high tide, it makes its sight at the Setonaiai sea area. This magnificient view is like ascroll of sea, and it is considered as one of the three most beautiful tides in the world. And also, this channel is known as the roughest spot in the sea traffic. 0ften many fishing boats and large ships disappear into these whirlpools.

 It is called Nakase in which the main bridge tower in Awaji Island is located. The Awaji Island is in Hyogo Prefecture and the other side of the bridge is in Tokushima Prefecture. In tne old days, Awaji Island belonged to Hachisuka, the head of a Awa Clan in Tokushima Pref., but now it belongs to Hyogo Pref.. The spot in which the main bridge tower is standing in Naruto side is called Hadaka-jima and a small is1and with a light house in Kiisuido sea area is called Tobishima. There is Aboshijima in the south side and now it is comected to 0gejima-Island. The fishermen in this area call Aboshi-jima as "Ebisu−yama" or "Ebeshama" and has a shrine in which they worship for a good haul.

 The silver colored seashore which range in Aboshijima is called Chidoriga-hama. It was the stage of "Naruto Hicho", famous noble written by Eiji Yoshikawa. Naruto Chan-nel is a1so known to be the best fishing spot and holds many different kinds of fish. The taste of the fish is so good due to the fast current of the tide. In each season you can enjoy all kinds of fish such as sea breams, yellowfish, mackerel, perch and etc.

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